Coffee Christmas Gifts

Coffee Christmas Gifts

When you're searching around the internets for ideas on what to buy that coffee person in your life (could even be you, we won't judge - treat yourself), it can be difficult to know what coffee Christmas gifts are worth spending your hard-earned on.

Well, if it's alright with you, we can suggest some things that WE would love to receive. We're coffee people. We like gifts.

Just saying (cough, hint)


Freshly Roasted Coffee Christmas Countdown Calendar:

Now, this one will be more of a pre-Christmas gift, but it literally is the gift that keeps on giving. With 25 different coffee experiences in the days leading up to the main event, these Coffee Countdown Calendars offer a month's worth of pleasure. Behind each door is something different, but they are all as freshly roasted as they can get. We take pre-orders to ensure that when it is due to arrive, the coffee has just been roasted and put into your gift. They also arrive in two separate deliveries -- the second one being 12/13 days after the first -- to ensure that no coffee is older than 3 weeks.
25 days of freshly roasted coffee excitement: now there's a coffee Christmas gift worth having!


Coffee Sets (2 or 3 packs):

Remember those chocolate selection boxes that the kids get (at least we say they're for the kids), well this is like that but instead of chocolate it's coffee... and it's not in a box... and it's probably not for kids. But, apart from that.
A two or three bag coffee set will give any coffee lover a great selection of fabulous, freshly roasted coffees to enjoy. If they've never tried coffee this fresh before, they are in for a serious surprise (a good one, not like unwrapping another pair of novelty socks).

Coffee Machine:

This is a serious gift. And probably not one you would make on impulse. However, if you know someone who has been thinking about getting a 'proper coffee machine' but hasn't yet committed then you couldn't do much better in this price bracket than one of these Gaggia Manual Espresso machines.
It wouldn't just be the gift of a coffee machine. It would be the gift of fantastic espresso-based coffee, the joy of steaming milk for playing with latte art, and all from home where they can avoid the Christmas weather and the crush of January sales. Told you it was a serious gift.

Flavoured Syrup (Santa Version):

We have a lot of William Fox syrups to choose from, but why not excite someone with our Santa syrup this Christmas. A blend of cinnamon and apple to really get that Christmas flavour into your favourite coffee. Additional bonuses include: Natural flavourings and extracts, alcohol-free, and suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets.

Blue Mountain Coffee - Seasonal Special (coming soon):

Like people, books, music, and restaurants, there are bad ones, good ones, and great ones. Occasionally, there are exceptional ones. This is where Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee sits.
Because of the limitations of where it is grown, how it is grown, and the level of supply, Blue Mountain Coffee is something special. Grown at high altitudes and cultivated by hand, Blue Mountain Coffee is known for its beautiful bold taste and is considered one of the world's top premium gourmet coffees.
Even if you're trying to buy a Christmas gift for a self-proclaimed coffee snob (no harm in knowing what you like), there is no way this exceptional coffee will disappoint.

Hot Chocolate:

As if you need convincing about this one. We know it's not strictly a 'coffee gift', but hey, who's going to be upset that they got hot chocolate. Especially when it's this hot chocolate. Available in different percentages from light to dark (and white or ruby chocolate - which would go great with one our syrups), these chocolate pellets can be melted into a seriously indulgent drink. No powders here, this is chocolate! Melt it down as thick as you like and then enjoy it on a cold winter's evening -- or for breakfast on one of those crazy days between Christmas and New Year that we never know what to do with.

Recent Beans Merch:

Oh, we don't mind if you want to share the love of freshly roasted. And that special coffee person in your life certainly won't mind rockin' one of our shirts. But if you really want the perfect coffee Christmas gift, what about these perfect latte art cups: 2 x 10oz Barista Style Latte/Cappuccino Mugs. Complete with upto a 1kg bag of our freshly roasted beans. Also available as The Perfect Flat White Mug pack and The Perfect Espresso Cup Pack. Perfect.

Coffee Liqueur:

If you take Recent Beans' freshly roasted, single origin, Brazilian Ipanema Yellow Bourbon coffee beans, turn them into a delicious cold brew coffee, hand it over to the award winning Waterton's Reserve distillery, what you get back is this amazing coffee liqueur.
Crafted in extremely small batches (get them while they last) in a traditional alembic copper pot still in the heart of Yorkshire's own West Riding, this coffee liqueur is a really special gift, for someone really special.

Gift Subscription:

What greater gift could there be for your coffee-loving loved ones than fresh coffee, delivered regularly, without any hassle. You can tailor the subscription plan to suit the recipient: coffee type, grind size, bag size, frequency of delivery, and the duration of the subscription. With coffee able to be sent out weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly.
Our 'Roaster's Choice' subscription is perfect for someone who wants to explore and taste a wide range of coffees. It's also handy if someone isn't sure what coffee they actually want.

Coffee Roasting Experience:

For someone who would really appreciate getting to know the 'nuts and bolts' of coffee making, a coffee roasting experience will definitely satisfy their curiosity. Working alongside our head roaster, you will perform tastings to find what flavour notes you like, craft a green bean blend to match, and then roast it to your preferred profile. You can't get a more tailored cup of coffee than this. You also get to take away a 1kg bag of your freshly roasted blend, with your name and tasting notes on it.
Sadly, the coffee will eventually be gone, but the education you will receive will last a lifetime. Learning about the coffee sourcing, farming, roasting processes; training on how to make the best coffee at home with the equipment you already have; barista training on a professional machine (including latte art); even tasting samples of our extended range where available.
If you have a serious coffee person in your life that you want to find the perfect coffee Christmas gift for, THIS is it.


Written for Recent Beans by Jack Sheard, Freelance Writer - JACKEDCONTENT.COM

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