Monsoon Malabar
Monsoon Malabar
Monsoon Malabar
Monsoon Malabar

Monsoon Malabar

Wine, Spice & Liquorice
Monsoon Malabar

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Originally introduced as one of our spotlight coffees, the Indian Monsoon Malabar is a customer favourite and has returned on a permanent basis.

In the 1800's coffee from India was transported in ships around the Cape of Good Hope, a journey that would take 4-6 months. The coffee was stored in the hull of the ship below the waterline, water seeping through the wood kept the coffee in a high humidity environment and this affected the coffee, changing the green bean to a pale gold, low acidity coffee.  

This process of 'Monsooning' has been replicated to reproduce the same flavours. The beans are exposed to the humid winds from the Arabian Sea during the Monsoon season and raked. This is a 3 month process that transforms the green beans to nearly twice their original size and gives this special coffee a unique taste. 

You'll get taste notes of wine, earthy spices and a smokey aftertaste.  It's a smooth coffee like no other.

Altitude 1,100- 1,200 masl

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