Should You Store Coffee in the Fridge?

Should You Store Coffee in the Fridge?

Short of covering it in petrol and setting it on fire, storing coffee in the fridge could be one of the worst things you could do to it. We could end the article here, but, you might want to know why. Especially as this sounds so counter-intuitive.

Why people feel the need to punish their coffee this way

We can only make a guess, but it would seem logical that: freshly roasted coffee is best (we completely agree), fridge keeps things fresh (can't argue here either), keep coffee in fridge to keep it ... Nope! No. Sorry. No, we've gone wrong here somewhere.

The problem is moisture. Roasted coffee beans love to soak up moisture. But that moisture can diminish your coffee's flavours (see our Tasting Guide for more on coffee flavours) .
Listen, you know when you take a cold bottle of wine or beer out of the fridge and leave it on the table for a while, what happens to the surface of that bottle? It breaks out in a cold sweat. Or to be more scientific, it beads up with condensation. Moisture from the air clings to the surface and makes it wet.
This isn't a problem for our bottle, but the same thing will happen to the surface of every single bean that comes out of the fridge. Or, even worse, the freezer!

How to Store Your Coffee

When storing coffee it's important to keep it away from a few things:
- excessive air
- moisture
- heat
- light

A great way to do this is to reseal it in the bags we deliver it in. They are dark inside, they have a seal ... perfect. Just keep the bag away from the oven, hob, kettle, etc.
You can also use any dark, airtight container.

BEWARE! Freshly roasted coffee can be very active. There is a period of time after roasting where carbon dioxide is still being released from the beans. That's why many sealed coffee bags have that small hole/valve on the side - to release it so the beans don't burst through like caffeine addicts at opening time.
If you seal our (ever so) freshly roasted beans in a container, there is a chance that CO2 can build up.

A cool, dark place, away from heat and sealed in a container or bag. That's the best way. So, please don't store your coffee in the fridge.


Written for Recent Beans by Jack Sheard, Freelance Writer - JACKEDCONTENT.COM

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