Baileys Christmas Cocktail

Baileys Christmas Cocktail

Christmas, cocktails, ice cream and coffee - need we say more? I guess a recipe would help.
We've sourced some wonderful Baileys Christmas Cocktail recipes for you to try this festive season.

Both of these recipes use 25ml of Espresso - if you don't have an espresso machine, you can use a moka pot. However you do it, the coffee should be strong.

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Flat White

- 50ml Baileys Original
- 25ml Espresso
- 25ml Smirnoff Vodka (or your favourite brand)
- Ice cubes

The simplicity of this recipe isn't the only thing that makes it wonderful: it tastes pretty good too.
Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake until blended into a smooth liquid and then strain into a cocktail glass.
For an extra touch, garnish it with a few coffee beans.

pouring an affogato


- 50ml Baileys Original
- 25ml Espresso
- 1 scoop of your favourite vanilla ice cream

With your espresso made, put a scoop of ice cream into a shallow glass.
Pour over the Baileys Original.
Gently pour over your freshly brewed espresso.
Serve immediately as a dessert for your party guests (or enjoy it quickly, all to yourself, before anyone notices).

There you have it. Not so much winter warmers, but they are Christmas crackers (too much?)
Enjoy the festive season and your Baileys Christmas Cocktail.


Written for Recent Beans by Jack Sheard, Freelance Writer - JACKEDCONTENT.COM

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